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NorthFlo Pool Heat Pumps

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110K BTU

NorthFlo heat pumps are truly the definition of peace of mind! NorthFlo is proud to offer our new, high efficiency heat pumps that provides instant heat and trouble free operation. Each unit includes a reversing valve for low ambient temperature start up in colder climates, a quiet operating compressor, and a spiral titanium heat exchanger.

Did you know that NorthFlo Heat Pumps are now available in Variable Speed? NorthFlo variable speed heat pumps utilize the newest technology available in the heat pump industry, allowing them to modulate their operating speeds from 20% to 100%. This means you get to enjoy the lowest operating costs, a quieter product, and even more great benefits!

With industry leading features and functionality, every NorthFlo heat pump is at the top of its category, in terms of both performance and efficiency!

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Digital Controls
Easy-to-Use Digital Controller

Key Operating Features

NorthFlo heat pumps feature industry leading technology, and functionality - ensuring optimal heating performance for your pool all Summer long.

Key features include:

  • Output: 50,000 - 110,000 BTU heat pumps available, all with titanium heat exchangers, 1.5 inch inlets/outlets, and grey, high durability ABS cabinets (208 - 230 V / Single Phase / 60 Hz Power Required)

  • Reversible Function: ensure the highest level of efficiency even in lower ambient temperature start ups

  • Digital Controller: easily set and control your unit, with simple, fully digital temperature controls

  • Environmentally Friendly: NorthFlo heat pumps are equipped with eco-friendly R410 gas refrigerant

  • Rotary Compressor: enclosed in a sound absorbing barrier for quiet operation
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All NorthFlo products are proudly made from the highest quality materials available, and are built to last longer than similar offerings from our competitors.

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