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Heat Force by NorthFlo Solar Pool Blanket Covers

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6 Mil
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Proudly made in Canada, Heat Force by NorthFlo solar pool blanket covers are truly the industry leader! A solar cover blanket not only helps to retain heat in your pool, but it also protects against harmful UV rays, slowing the growth of algae in your pool water. The tiny air bubbles on each cover trap heat in, and also work to block the sun from reaching your water - this slows down the rate that water evaporates, saving you money by reducing how often you need to top up your pool water level.

Keep the water temperature warmer, reduce evaporation of water, decrease the costs of your pool chemicals, lower your pool heating costs, and extend swimming season with a Heat Force solar blanket cover!

Heat Force Solar Blankets are Available Exclusively on Amazon.ca!

Heat Force Solar Cover Swatch
Made from Top Quality Material

Key Features

Heat Force

Key features of Heat Force solar blanket covers include:

  • Hot air sealing of 1 inch width, for a solid joint
  • Packaged in a reusable polypropylene bag for storage
  • Plastic bubble on line extrusion method
  • Covers sealed 4 feet wide
  • Best durability and long-lasting with better transparency
  • Manufactured only with 100% new material and top-quality polyethylene
  • Heat Force covers are proudly Made in Canada!

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